How tall are the flames?

When burning ethanol in any ventless ethanol burning fireplace regardless of brand, flame height is determined by many factors:

  • The more vapors that are available for combustion creates a higher flame height. In other words, a burner that is completely filled with IGNIS® bio ethanol fireplace fuel will produce a higher flame than one that is only half full. Flame height inherently reduces over time. 
  • The environment in which the burner is installed also plays a role in determining flame height. As with other types of fire, if oxygen is added from a breeze, etc. the flame will reach a greater height. 
  • With any IGNIS® burner that offers an adjustable intensity level, the position of the burner's lid will play a role in flame height.
  • The only exception to the above factors is with IGNIS®  Intelligent Burners and Fireboxes found HERE

Overall, however, the mid-point range of flame height is between 6"-9" for the majority of burn time (as published on the product's page).