Do I need a chimney, flue or vent when installing an IGNIS® ethanol fireplace burner insert?


All IGNIS® Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Inserts are vent-free and do not require a designated vent nor chimney. They don't need to be vented, as they are Eco-friendly clean-burning, smokeless and odorless fireplaces. A more efficient solution than those fireplaces needing a vent, all IGNIS® burners allow you to retain 100% of the heat inside - and not escaping through ventilation systems. 

However, because our ventless fireplaces produce real fire, they do require a minimum level of "normal" air exchange. Each burner insert requires installation in a space with a certain amount of cubic footage. The number of cubic feet needed is specific to each burner due to varying sizes and heat outputs. The minimum requirement is found on each product's page. To calculate the cubic footage of the space in which you'd like to install an IGNIS® ethanol fireplace burner insert, use: Length x Width x Ceiling Height of the space and ensure it is equal to or greater than the minimum space required for the specific burner in which you have an interest.